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From ancient times, the East Asian way of thinking has been focused on harmony between man and nature. For example, the ancient Chinese Taoist, Lao Tzu, advocated for "unconditioned nature," which meant doing nothing and taking things as they come. I has been said that Zen Buddhism refined Japanese people's love of nature. The French philosopher, Félix Guattari, advocated for "ecosophy," which is a coined term meaning "the environment=ecological philosophy;" he suggested the unification of the three perspectives in ecology: the natural environment, society, and the hearts of humans. This perspective on nature/world view has had a large influence on my artistic work... check here to read more

Interview Recently : 人と自然のあり方を模索 作品の精神性とアイデンティティ 芸術家・写真家 シーズン・ラオ劉善恆さん - 月刊ISM 2016年7月号
劉善恆與雪國的不解緣 - 澳門雜誌 p34-39
美術ぺん 147 WINTER p12 「白い雪にメッセージを託して」シーズン・ラオ (2016.2.4) 
Hokkaido Likers 雪景色に魅せられマカオから北海道へ拠点を移した芸術家「シーズン・ラオ」 (2016.2) 北海道応援マガジンJP01 2016年春号(vol.11) (p66 - p68) 北海道とマカオの文化の つなぎ役としての存在...
Ponto Fianl (2015.11.16)  Wikipedia more...  On Tv now : TV - HBCガッチャンコ・ジャーニ マカオ編

Coming Exhibition
Art festival《gallerism 2017》with Kaede Gallery 8-13 May 2017 - Pias Tower at Osaka, Japan

Solo Exhibition《Season Lao Exhibition》MAG Gallery at Como, Italy - 19 May - 17 June 2017